Ongoing Projects in Sarjapur Road

Ongoing Projects in Sarjapur Road

A well-known location in the city for the IT hub, other significant industries, and connections is Sarjapur Road. As tempting as connectivity is, the infrastructure. The Outer Ring Road in Sarjapur is a fantastic 58+ km linking road connecting all the city's key areas. There are numerous reputable hospitals, schools like Greenwood High and Inventure Academy, shopping malls, and entertainment areas. In this neighborhood, all amenities are generally accessible. We can stay in our community to buy necessities. Most importantly, our workplaces are close by, and traveling to other IT hubs is simply because of the proposed Metro Trains and private linking roadways.

What are the ongoing projects?

The construction phase of ongoing projects is now underway, and a completion date will be set. We must determine whether we can wait till the completion date.

What are significant projects currently underway in Sarjapur?

Before that, we must identify the finest aspects of a significant ongoing undertaking.

To provide us with a fantastic resaleable project at the most competitive prices, the project must be from well-known builders in the community. Superior quality should be maintained. Given that they are long-term properties, we should search for the most significant infrastructure. We can leave the site for any need. The environment, infrastructure, and connectivity of the area must be excellent. No matter why we travel, the commute will be easy and enjoyable.

These days, purchasing any property makes more sense with on-site amenities. So choose the projects with top-notch features. The project should provide us with the highest resale value, as that is what investment is all about. We have access to some of Sarjapur Road's top ongoing projects.

1.The Prestige City

The Prestige City

For various reasons, it is the best township project in the Sarjapur neighborhood. One hundred eighty acres make up its vast land area. Numerous portions of this continuing project include flats, villas, and plots. Any type can be chosen, depending on our needs. The township features several buildings and clusters of apartments. The homes currently being built are spectacular, with numerous bungalows and G+1 architecture. Seven thousand apartment buildings with 1, 2, and 3 BHK residences are available. Only a few collections remain after the initial booking process for Prestige City Sarjapur's towers and clusters. With ideas from the top architects, the township features modern architecture. Leading developers, Prestige Group, handle the project's spacing. As a result, each township unit receives plenty of fresh air and sunlight. Therefore, in this successful endeavor, there is no room wasted. Consequently, besides the unit fees, we are not required to pay anything. This Prestige City township offers more than 50 cutting-edge features.

2.Prestige Aspen Greens

Prestige Aspen Greens

Prestige Aspen Greens is a lovely neighborhood of villas located in the Prestige City township. This villa cluster, which is part of the 180-acre Prestige City development, includes a lot of 4 BHK homes on a 20.3-acre land block. From 3344 to 3612 square feet is the size range.

3.Prestige Meridian Park

Prestige Meridian Park

The Prestige City is home to the brand-new, lavish residential complex known as Prestige Meridian Park. One hundred eighty acres are available for development in the township, 18.2 acres subject to eminent domain. It is a fantastic price for us compared to acquiring any conventional apartment component. While the price will be equivalent, purchasing this Prestige Meridian Park apartment building will allow us to take advantage of the township's advantages. Excellent 3 BHK homes are all in the G+30 blocks, with 16 floors. The apartments are 1387 and 1865 square feet in size.

4.Prestige Great Acres

Prestige Great Acres

Within the Prestige City township along Sarjapur Road lies the magnificent residential plot development known as Prestige Great Acres, over 80 acres. There are 808 plot units on the property, ranging from 30*40sqft to 40*60sqft.

5.Prestige Serenity Shores

Prestige Serenity Shores

Prestige Serenity Shores is an ongoing project in Sarjapur Road, Bangalore. A residential development by the Prestige Group called Prestige Serenity Shores is cleverly placed next to Prestige Lakeside Habitat in Whitefield, East Bangalore. Serenity Shores gets its name from the tranquil setting near Varthur Lake. The 2,3 and 4 BHK apartments in the complex are exquisitely constructed. A stunning development by Prestige Groups called Prestige Serenity Shores is located in Whitefield, one of East Bangalore's most popular neighborhoods. The project spans acres in one of Bangalore's top neighborhoods. In the eastern section of the city, where it is best to buy real estate, lies Prestige Serenity Shores. Due to the growth of essential tech parks and IT hubs, the location of Prestige Serenity Shores is fantastic for real estate investments. With the opening of the Namma Metro purple line development, residents of Whitefield will benefit from improved connectivity to all parts of Bangalore. With all these advantages, there can be no other compelling reason for a buyer to consider selecting Whitefield over another area. Buyers prefer Whitefield because it offers good returns.

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