Posh Properties in Whitefield

Posh Properties in Whitefield

Investing in posh property is one safe means of investing in today's world. Posh properties in Whitefield have been on the top list regarding ROI. Owning a posh property is a statement for outstanding people. And in the case of Bangalore, the IT junction, rich people are flowing to the metropolis to contribute their part. The economy of the city and India is growing and can achieve greater heights in the coming future. So investing in a posh property in Whitefield would be a genius move. In recent years, the city has also seen a rise in the building and selling of posh properties of all types. Here are some reasons to invest in a posh property in Bangalore.

Increased assets and spending

Bangalore is the residence of many digital entrepreneurs and manufacturers across all sectors. There has been a substantial uplift in the standard of living of most people in recent times. Consumers are looking for more comfort and extra style. This is perhaps why more posh apartments in Whitefield are up for sale.

Better Addresses

Posh homes are primarily located in Whitefield, Bangalore, yet another appealing quality that makes people want to buy these posh houses. The regions are more peaceful than the crowded parts of the city. Suffering all the pollution due to the traffic and the lost time are not liked by people anymore.

Amenities available

When you buy a posh flat with a good address, you should comprehend that you are not purchasing a mere home. Most posh apartments have swimming pools, jogging tracks, clubhouses, fitness hubs, and all other modern conveniences that one could ask for. Some known builders even offer a mini golf course and premium apartments. Check out the posh properties by Prestige Group if you are looking for posh flats.

Best Neighborhoods

There is no doubt that posh apartments offer the best addresses in town. The residents of posh apartments are enviable and offer the best surroundings for children to grow. Adults would find this kind of atmosphere refreshing and energizing. You can meet friends, which is a blessing any time. Kids grow up in a peaceful area bereft of the dangers of heavy traffic and pollution. They would get to see more outdoors than their friends do. This is a blessing to all.

Secure Environs

Besides the location and the soulful advantages that East Bangalore offers, one can also expect to be close to their workplace. With organizations like SAP, IBM, Volvo, etc., nearby, you are bound to live among the young and energetic. ITPL, Bagmane Tech Park, and the EPIP zone are nearby the residential complexes in the area. With the benefit of living close to the workplace, you also get the advantage of a quiet and peaceful home.


The latest posh apartments can boast of 24/7 tight security. More than that, these residences are wholly wired for security with video surveillance systems, alarms, and fingerprint recognition at the entrance and the lifts. Any emergency, medical or otherwise, can be handled with such amenities. With property investments, the value keeps rising; the other significant benefit is that the resident saves on rental income. Invest in Prestige Serenity Shores.

Prestige Serenity Shores

Prestige Serenity Shores

Within the Prestige Lakeside Habitat on Whitefield Varthur Road is Prestige Serenity Shores, a collection of cutting-edge residential apartments. With sizes ranging from 905 square feet to 2882 square feet, the property offers premium 1, 2, 3, and 4-bedroom apartments. The homes, situated on 102 acres, have top-notch amenities and facilities and are Vaastu-compliant, perfectly ventilated, and abundantly lit.

One of Bangalore's thriving real estate areas with top-notch infrastructure is Whitefield. The project is a great place to live due to its proximity to prestigious MNCs like iGATE, TESCO, and SAP. Leading employment parks, educational institutions, and shopping centers are conveniently close to the project. IPTL and EPIP zone are two examples of business hubs in the area.

Prestige White Meadows

Prestige White Meadows

Prestige Group is one of the most famous home builders. Prestige White Meadows is the best project from the Prestige Group. In Whitefield, Prestige White Meadows comprises four buildings and more than 60 villas and bungalows on one of the city's most beautiful and picturesque hills. Prestige White Meadows is one of the finest homes in Bangalore because it has many conveniences built to international standards.

Prestige Waterford

Prestige Waterford

Prestige Waterford is another venture of the Prestige group. The goal of the futuristically designed Prestige Waterford project is to provide a modern home for someone who desires a high-class lifestyle. Prestige Waterford, which is located east of Bangalore Whitefield, consists of 689 roomy, well-built 3 and 4 BHK apartments spread across a massive 16 acres of land in 7 gorgeous buildings. Apartments with three bedrooms start at Rs. 1.42 crores. Numerous advantages come with this Prestige Group apartment development, including a prime location, a pleasant and comfortable lifestyle, first-rate amenities, a secure environment, and high potential. A luxurious pre-launch property called Prestige Waterford is perfectly constructed on ECC Road in the center of Whitefield in East Bangalore. The Prestige complex incorporates a tasteful and well-planned layout of superbly useful landscapes and surroundings.

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